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MDS Philosophy

At Moroccan Data Scientists (MDS), learning begins with us. We provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for inquisitive minds passionate about data science and technology. Our dedication to learning extends beyond achieving outstanding results; we focus on developing confident, creative thinkers. MDS is committed to delivering an education that is not only academically rigorous but also genuinely relevant to the future careers of our members.

As a hub for technological advancement, MDS emphasizes the importance of social-emotional development alongside technical proficiency in data science, artificial intelligence, and related fields. Our members emerge with the character, confidence, and competence to leave a significant impact in their respective industries. They are equipped with both the knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel and lead in their chosen paths.

Morocco Data Scientists at a Glance

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“We aim at inspiring our members to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journeys in technology and data science.”

Bahae Eddine HALIM, Founder of MDS

Explore our Specialties

Moroccan Data Scientists (MDS) strives to offer its community a diverse and comprehensive learning experience, encompassing a range of rewarding and engaging activities. This initiative is aimed at preparing members for a fulfilling social and cultural life within the realm of technology. By integrating various aspects of data science, artificial intelligence, and other related fields, MDS fosters an environment where members can flourish both professionally and personally.


Data Science

Exploring sophisticated data analysis techniques and methodologies to extract meaningful insights.


Machine Learning

Implementing algorithms to identify patterns and make data-driven predictions or decisions.


Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Designing and developing intelligent systems that mimic human decision-making processes.


Data Visualization

Translating complex data sets into clear, impactful visual representations.


Data Engineering

Building and managing robust data infrastructure to support analytics and machine learning.

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NLP and Predictive Analytics

Combining the understanding of human language with predictive models to forecast trends and analyze textual data.

Our "Innovative" Initiatives at MDS

At Moroccan Data Scientists (MDS), we’re not just about understanding data; we’re about embedding it in the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture and society. Our initiatives are tailored to blend cutting-edge data science with local relevance, fostering a community that’s innovative, engaged, and deeply connected to Morocco’s unique context.

#DataStart Initiative

A program designed to kickstart data science projects, focusing on issues relevant to Morocco. It encourages members to brainstorm, develop, and launch data-driven solutions to local challenges.

MDS #Webinars

Regular online seminars featuring experts in data science, AI, and tech, discussing latest trends, tools, and methodologies with a focus on their applicability in Morocco.

Data-Driven #Publications

Encouraging members to research and write about data science applications, successes, and innovations within Morocco. These publications aim to highlight how data science is shaping various sectors in Morocco.

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